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Yukari, a “Kominka*” restaurant which stands in the ancient city of Kamakura,
is a French restaurant that specializes in Beef Bourguignon.
Enjoy one of the most famous classic French dish served with local fresh vegetables
from Kamakura and Miura peninsula.

「Beef Bourguignon with Velvet Sauce

One of the most famous classic French dish, “Boeuf Bourguignon” (beef stewed in red wine).
Carefully selected Japanese beef stewed in red wine, let stand for a night, will make the beef matured, very tender and juicy. The beef, served with the local fresh vegetables from Kamakura and Shonan areas, and the thick red wine sauce, rich as velvet, makes the best harmony ever.


「Yukari pudding」

Rich homemade pudding made with “SAGAMIKKO”, the best fertilized eggs in Japan (open-space breed), and plenty of fresh cream.
Melting softly in your mouth, and with the best matching bitter caramel sauce, it will definitely make you more than happy!!
Enjoy the scrumptious rich pudding that shall be a perfect synergy with the main dish.


187 Yamanouchi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa
TEL: 0467-67-6159
HP: kitakamakurayukari.com
Closed: Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday)
Hours: 10:30~20:00 (L.O.19:30)

Customers with children are also welcome.

⁂Our New Year's Holiday
12/19(TUE.)~25(MON.) Open
12月26日(TUE.) Close
12/27(TUE.)~1/3(WED.)) Open
1月4日(THU.) Close
1/5(金曜日)~8(MON.)) Open
1月9日(TUE.) Close。
1/10(WED.)~14(SUN)) Open
1/15(MON.)~22(MON.) Close
1/23(TUE.)~ Regular Hours

We have also Course Menu for your dinner.
Hope you try and taste modern French cuisine from “Restaurant Michel Nakajima” .

The dinner menu is reservation only(from 2 person~). Please make a reservation by the day before.